Paver & Concrete

Dirty pavers and concrete can look great when cleaned properly. Naples Power Washers clean filthy paver patios, driveways, and pool areas to restore and revitalize surface areas.

Roof Soft Washing

Before Roof Soft Wash

After Roof Soft wash

House Washing

Before House Wash

After House Wash

Oil Stain Lightening & Rust Removal

Oil Stain Lightening

When it comes to your driveway and sidewalks, residual motor oil, gasoline and other fluids from your vehicles can leave unsightly spots. But don’t worry we’ve identified the culprits and rounded up some ways to remove oil stains from concrete and get your driveway and sidewalks cleaner than they’ve ever been before.

Rust Removal

No one likes seeing rust stains on their concrete driveway or sidewalk, and in fact, it might even be a mystery to most people how these stains came to be there in the first place. Rust stains can easily form on a multitude of surfaces, your concrete included. Luckily, NPW is here to help.

Trash Can Cleaning & Sanitation

Servicing both residential and commercial properties, Naples Power Washers specializes in the cleaning and sanitation of trash and recycle bins ridding them of bacteria and offensive smells.

Pool Enclosure Washing

Outdoor or indoor pool enclosure power cleaning services are available. We soft wash screens, as well as support structures, decks, back walls and soffits, and much more.

Dryer vent cleaning prevents lint buildup and reduces fire hazard risk. Lint builds up in more places than most homeowners realize. It's in the lint trap housing, the interior dryer duct, the dryer vent, and even the dryer itself. This actually presents more of a fire hazard than lint buildup in the vent.